Wireless Microphone System with UL Adapter, Multiport Receiver, Long Range Wireless Signal for Karaoke, Sing, DJ, Church

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Product Description

Professional Frunsi Dual Wireless Handheld Microphone System

professional dual wireless handheld microphone system karaoke mic DJ home cordless microphone

Multi-function Receiver

Wireless receiver with Retractable metal antenna built-in for signal receiving, has ON/OFF switch, standby, and Mute button, separate control knobs for both wireless mics, music volume adjustment;



Frequency: 254.2-580.5MHz

Sensitivity: 60dB S/N:>100DB

Working distance: 10-30m

Power supply voltage: AC/100-240V

Handheld Microphone

Range of kinetic energy: >95DB

System distortion: <1%,1KHz

Product quality is our life. It's our duty to keep microphones with high quality.

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Professional Frunsi UHF Dual wireless handheld microphone system offers ideal solution to broadcast voice with powerful wireless signal transmission to the multifunctional receiver allows to connect variety of speaker, sound PA system;

Powerful Sound and Wireless Signal Connection

Unidirectional mic with cardiogram pattern captures the vocalist voice and minimize the feedback and noise and transmit with stable wireless signal without any lag or delay;

Release you from the cable tangle and mess while you walking around giving a speech or singing but keep the true tone to be heard, enjoy a cordless presentation with confidence;

Keep Your Voice Clear and True

Dual cordless microphone system enables to pick voice via sensitive mic with cardiogram pattern and keep the crystal voice and the UHF signal bandwidth, easily avoid interference;

Please note:

1. NO Bluetooth function; Not compatible with phone /PC/ smart TV

2. Need to be connected to Speaker/Amplifier (6.35mm jack, above 30W) to output the sound

3. If the whistle appears, please keep the microphones far away from the speaker or try another speaker. Don't let the mics face directly to the speaker.

4. If you do not use it for a long time, Please remove the battery from the microphone. Unplug the power adapter.

If the microphone or receiver be interference, voice cuts out, or hum on the microphone, no sound, please try the following:

1. Don’t charge the speaker when you use the mic with it.

2. Try different wires to connect with the speaker and try different output devices.

3. Turn down the volume of the microphone and turn up the gain on your speaker/amplifier.

4. It may be interfered by the cell phone or even the light, please be away from that stuff.

5. The receiver should be more than 1m from the ground. Please avoid being against a wall.

6. Please do not use the microphone facing the receiver too closely, in order to avoid noise interference.

7. Maybe disturbed by reverberation from the mixer, please turn down the volume of the reverberation.