UHF Wireless Microphone System, Dual Channel Handheld Wireless Microphone with Professional Karaoke Receiver and 2 Handheld Dynamic Mics Set, for Home Party, KTV, Meeting, Wedding, Church

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UHF Wireless Microphone System

The EIVOTOR UHF wireless microphone equipment:Wireless Microphone System With the 295FT longest wireless range and High quality dynamic microphone make it is a great choice for karaoke home party, performance, wedding, Church and public speaking.(The recommended pickup distance is about 2 inches. The sound quality will be better!)

How to use it?

(1)Connect the power supply to the microphone system, turn it on.

(2)Find a speaker(Not less than 70W) or power amplifier to connect with the microphone system, do make sure the audio cable fit in the Out Put Jack

(3)connect the Power amplifier to your Music equipment , Such as TV/Computer/Laptop/Smart phone/ speaker.

(4)Enjoy the fun of this Amazing microphone system !


1.This package only contains the wireless microphone system. You still need to have an additional audio device (active audio or amplifier) to output the sound.

2.Please confirm that your Speaker is above 70 Watts. (If the power of the speaker is lower than 70 Watts, the microphone may not work or the microphone sound is low.)

3.The receiver and microphone channels have been preset, you don't need to change it.

4.The microphone may have the possibility of howling. To prevent this, please turn down the volume for the first time.

If you do not use it for a long time, Please remove the battery from the microphone. Unplug the power adapter.

handheld microphone

If the microphone or receiver be interference, voice cuts out, or hum on the microphone, please try the following:

1. Don’t charge the speaker when you use the mic with it.

2. Try different wires to connect with the speaker and try different output devices.

3. Turn down the volume of the microphone and turn up the gain on your Amplifier.

4. It may be interfered by the cell phone or even the light, please be away from that stuff.

5. The receiver should be more than 1m from the ground. Please avoid being against a wall. Please do not use the microphone facing the receiver too closely, in order to avoid noise interference.

6. Maybe disturbed by reverberation from the mixer, please turn down the volume of the reverberation.

Popping sound and static, please try the following:

1. The audio cable is not connected well, please try to replace the audio cable or re-plug the audio cable.

2. Audio equipment can also cause interference to the speakers, please try to keep the audio equipment away from the speakers.

3. Insufficient voltage, please check if your voltage is in 120-220V.

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