TelPal Desk Top Computer Headset for Call Center, Noise Cancellation Monoral Office USB Headset for PC and Laptop

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Product Description

TelPal is a U.S and EU registered brand professional for manufacturing, sale and provding communication solution for call center headsets, landline telephone calls and business office phones. We spare every efforts on offering global customers high quality audio control devices including the product design, a comfort wear, and the special audio effects, providing a variety of noise reduction solutions for call center agents. The design and manufacture of the products are carried out in accordance with the most stringent product performance and environmental standards, and meet the requirements of ergonomics, environmental protection and energy conservation. At present, the TelPal branded headset and headset telephones are mainly used in telecom, finance, TV shopping, logistics and other after sale service centers as well as switchboard operators, command centers, call centers, etc., and are the preferred products for professional telephone headsets such as telephone consultation, telephone marketing and telephone survey.


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