SIKER Cooling Pad For 14-17 Inch Laptops Gaming Notebook with 6 Quiet Fans USB Powered Adjustable Mounts Stand with LED Lights

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Product Description

Ergonomically designed to prevent cervical spondylosis

5 file height adjustment, bid farewell to hard work. Is conducive to spine health, can effectively improve the spine morphology, reduce spinal pressure, relieve shoulder and back pain, prevention of the use of notebook computers caused by spondylosis

Large air inlet, full mesh panel, ventilation and smooth.

Large air inlet, full mesh panel, ventilation and smooth. Support dual USB power supply, enjoy the cool speed. Metal support frame, durable, high-quality design workmanship

Multi-angle adjustment, user-friendly design

Multi-angle adjustment, user-friendly design.The fan speed is up to 1400 RPM, the real high speed. You can quietly adjust the dual fan, mute the movement design, the fan is 150MM.

Compatible for all the 17 inch laptop or below

Our radiator can be compatible with all 17-inch laptop or below. The fan is made of raw PC material injection, white and transparent, in the LED light under the light better. While the other home of the furnace material because too much impurities, need to add toner cover, and impurities are too brittle, easy to break.