OVOS Sports Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support for Fitness Weightlifting, Gym Workout & Powerlifting

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Tired Of Sore Hands And Calluses From Your Workouts? 

Wish you could get more out of your weekly or even daily training?

Say goodbye to sore hands and frustrating workouts forever. 

Wear these extra durable crossfit gloves and protect your hands during all your workouts. No more painful calluses and oozing blisters!  

With OVOS Workout Gloves you can finally have maximum hand protection, so you can focus solely on your athletic performance.

Optimal Support for Your Weightlifting Training

These premium weightlifting gloves will provide the support you need to take your training up a notch, while keeping your wrists safely protected at all times.

Featuring a special elastic band to enhance your grip on kettlebells and bars, as well as a wide wrist wrap, these exercise gloves are the best fitness accessory for your intense training. Your hands will thank you for it!

Forget about your old, thick, bulky gloves that used to cover the back of your hand. These crossfit grips offer breathability by only focusing on your palms.

Perfect for crossfit athletes, weightlifters and all fitness enthusiasts, these gloves provide for all your hand care needs.

Made of leather and other quality materials, the durability of these hand gymnastics grips will never let you down! 

Unleash The Power Of Your Grip & Set Your Fitness Goals Higher!

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