ANPETBEST Dog Water Bottle 325ML/11oz Foldable Dog Water Dispneser BPA Free Plastic Squeeze Portable Travel Water Bottle Bowl for Daily Walks, Hiking, Camping and on The Go (325ML)

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About ANPETBEST Travel Pet Water Bottle

Make it easy and convenient to keep your dog hydrated while the two of you are traveling together or venturing outdoors with the ANPETBEST Travel Pet Water Bottle. A water bottle and water bowl all in one asy-to-use design, meaning it couldn't be easier to provide your dog with water on the go!



Available about 650ml/22oz , With the lovely bone and dog claw pattern, simple design, and easy-carried lanyard, this bottle can go wherever you and your pup love to go!



Easy to Use


Easy to Carry





1. Remove the bottle from the holder and snap it into the upright position.

2. Squeeze the bottle gently to start water flow. Place the bowl on the ground or hold it in your hand and allow your dog to drink.

3. After using, drain excess water from the bowl and return the bottle back to its carrying position.

4. Always provide your pet with plenty of clean, fresh water.

Important Notes

Important Notes

Important Notes

1.Please do not use hot water, bleach, thinner, benzine, alcohol etc to disinfect it. And please don’t put hot water over 80? into the bottle.

2.This product is a water bottle only for pets. Please do not use other than the intended use.

3.Although it is a design that water is difficult to spill, it may spill by impact such as strong push. Please carry with the spout facing upwards.

4.Please use clean water suitable for drinking standard of tap water.

5.Please consult your veterinarian immediately when accidentally ingesting parts of the bottle.

6.Please use the bottle after well cleaning and change the water every day without leaving it overnight.

  blue-325 325ML-pink 650ML PInk 650ML-Blue
  Anpetbest Travel Water Bottle 325ML /11oz Blue Anpetbest Travel Water Bottle 325ML /11oz Pink Anpetbest Travel Water Bottle 650ML /22oz Pink Anpetbest Travel Water Bottle 650ML /22oz Blue
Capacity ANPETBEST Dog Water Bottle 325ML /11oz Blue ANPETBEST Dog Water Bottle 325ML /11oz Pink ANPETBEST Dog Water Bottle 650ML/22oz Pink ANPETBEST Dog Water Bottle 650ML/22oz Blue