Wireless Microphone System with LCD Display Dual Channel Handheld Karaoke Microphones Set for Outdoor Wedding, Conference, Karaoke, Evening Party, Singing

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Product Description

  • With it, you can host a personal concert AT HOME, entertain yourself and spend the BORING TIME.
  • Perfect for Entertainment at home, indoor activities and more.
  • A good companion to stay at home for entertainment.
  • A must-have item for staying at home for leisure and fun.


ARCHEER UHF Wireless Microphone System brings you an amazing party atmosphere with two wireless microphones.

  • How to Use?

1. Plug the receiver to a power outlet, power on.

2. Use the audio cable hook up the receiver output jack and amplifier or active speakers input jack (Please use a 6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter if your speaker have 3.5mm jack).

3. Connect TV/PC/DVD/VOD or other audio devices to the amplifier or active speaker to play background sound.

4. Use an audio cable to connect your external speaker to the amplifier to output sound (Active Speaker ignore this steps).

5. Insert 2 AA batteries into the microphone, turn on the microphone, enjoying singing songs.

  • Attention:

1. This package only contains the wireless microphone system. You still need to have an additional audio device (speaker or amplifier) to output the sound.

2. The volume is depend on the speakers output power. We do not recommend to use this mic on speaker under 15 watts.

  • How to avoid interference?

1. Please do not use the microphone facing the receiver too closely, in order to avoid noise interference.2. Please keep the receiver away from the metal or any digital devices (such as computers, cellphones, etc.) to avoid potential sources of interference.3. Please do not flap the microphone head with hand, or it would be damaged.4. We recommend to use a windscreen foam cover to get better singing experience.

  • What You Get

1 x Wireless Microphone System

2 x Handheld Microphones (Using 4 AA batteries, Batteries NOT Included)

1 x Audio Cable

1 x Charger

1 x 3.5mm Male to 6.35 Female Stereo Adapter

1 x User Manual

  • Features System:

Carrier Frequency Range: UHF 220MHz - 599MHz

Stability: ± 0.008%

Ambient Temperature:-10°C ~ +55°C

Max Deviation: ±25kHz |S/N Radio: > 80dB

Squelch: Tone control and nose lock dual squelch

Frequency responese: 20Hz ~ 18kHz

Operating Range: 10-30m (80 Ft)

  • Receiver:

Receiving mode: Quartz Locked

Sensitivity: 10uV (up 40dB SINAD / at 15 kHz Deviation)

Audio Ouput 0-350mV/5K

Power Requirement: AC 110V/220V, 50Hz

Power Adapter:110-240V, 50Hz

  • Transmitter:

Microphone: Dynamic (Hand-Held)

Antenna: Built-in

Modulation: FM

Frequency Stability (+55°C ~ -10°C): 0.005% (20ppm)

Rate Deviation: 75kHz

T.H.D at 1 kHz: less than 0.8%

Signal/Noise Ratio: 103 dB

RF Output: = 10mW

Current Consumption: 30mA